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The Israeli health system has always been based on an egalitarian system, influenced by socialist ideology, and remains firmly anchored on a public medical system.

A basket of services, benefits, care and drugs ( « sal BRIOUT » or basket of health) was set up and funded by the state, in exchange for a fee paid from the age of 18 ( children are covered by the parents, and the soldiers covered by the IDF health coverage). This « sal BRIOUT » is updated each year by a committee that evaluates new treatments available in Israel and decided to include universal coverage those considered most important to public health.

Each employee or self-employed pay into « Bituah Leumi, » so that all Israeli citizens to enjoy a ‘Kupat Holim « or health insurance fund. This contribution gives him the right to receive basic health service provided by Koupot Holim and if he becomes unemployed, health care coverage.

The « olim hadachim » or new immigrants do not pay during the first year of their aliyah.

Note: if you are not a citizen of Israel, you will take out private health insurance.

In Israel, there are 4 Kupat Holim which any Israeli citizen to the right to subscribe:

  • Maccabi
  • Clalit
  • Meuhedet
  • Leumit

When you go to a health professional, you go through the intake system of appointment of Kupat Holim (if that doctor works in a clinic Koupa) or directly with the doctor (if he works in his own studio, it has an agreement with your Koupa).

Non-emergency hospital admissions require prior approval of a doctor Koupa which must be validated by the administration of your Koupa that will give you after several days) a formulaire17 (or « tofess shva-Esrei »). This form confirms that your hospital care will pay Koupa well for you.

Please note, if you are hospitalized without this form, the fees will be your responsibility (unless you are covered by private insurance).

For emergencies, you will be asked to seek emergency center of your Koupa (including the weekend) which may decide to send you to the emergency hospital. However, if your problem is more serious and you are supported by an ambulance, the hospital will bear the costs.

This basic coverage does not cover all necessary expenses and care – to supplement universal health coverage, either Kupat Holim proposes additional insurance ( « bitouach mashlim ») requiring additional monthly contribution and add drug reimbursement coverage , hospitalization, holistic treatments, massages, etc. About 85% of Israeli endorse these supplementary insurance.

Finally, more and more Israeli subscribe private insurance (Menora, Phenix, Harel, etc.) that offer insurance more expensive but offer better health coverage and the ability to view non-approved doctors by Koupot Holim and physicians in private consultation.

For the health of newborns and small children, there is also the « Tipat Khalav » ( « Milk Drop ») which are financed either by a government budget or by municipalities – they provide health coverage for newborns and small children and especially the free and universal vaccination (vaccination rates of children in Israel is among the highest in the world with over 95% of children vaccinated).

For more information, please contact your holim Kupat.